Sue Gyngell - Phase IV Cardiac and COPD Instructor

I have been specialising in phase IV cardiac rehabilitation for many years. My training started at St. George's Hospital Tooting with their cardiac rehabilitation service and my experience then led me to Queen Mary's Hospital Roehampton where I assisted the patients with the physiotherapists in phase III exercise groups.

As well as working at the Cardiac Exercise Club I am part of Wandsworth GP referral team teaching weekly classes at Tooting and the Wandle leisure centres. Members are referred by St Georges hospital or local GPs.

In addition to my Cardiac level 4 BACPR qualification I have qualifications in supervising exercise for people with breathing, cancer, neurological and diabetes/obesity conditions.

My Level 3 GP Referral Diploma gives me a greater understanding of many medical conditions, the limitations they impose on patients and the benefits of appropriately planned and evaluated physical exercise programmes.

I find this work rewarding and feel very humbled when I realise the classes are making a difference not only for patients' health but their well-being and personal confidence.

I have a small private practice as a personal trainer in the local area and I aim to practice what I preach by trying to fit in my own time at the gym and as an ex-dancer just enjoy exploring movement as an uplifting therapy.

The participants at the cardiac club feel like an extended family and inspire me as much as I do them.

You can nearly always find me at the club on Tuesday afternoon - just pop along for a chat and see what we do.

Faye Tobby - Cardiac Exercise Specialist

I joined the Cardiac Exercise Club@SW19 in 2010. This was my first cardiac job after qualifying and I am still here. I trained with the British Association for Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR). I have worked as a physical activity specialist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and in Cardiac rehabilitation teams at St Mary's hospital and Paddington and Charing Cross hospital Hammersmith.

Whilst working within cardiac settings, I wanted to increase my knowledge of how other health conditions are helped or prevented by exercise. I took the Pulmonary rehabilitation (COPD) exercise instructor course and the Cancer and Exercise qualification to support and assist people who have breathing difficulties or other underlying conditions. It is important patients feel safe and supported by someone who understands their condition, medication regimes and other restrictions imposed by long-term health conditions.

I have experience of working with COPD and cancer patients and within a hospital-based falls prevention unit and community-based diabetes clinics and mental health facilities. I have extended my experience by working in local authority and charity settings, bringing the benefits of exercise to a broad range of people.

I relish sharing my enthusiasm for physical activity with individuals and getting to know people, whilst engaging in conversations as we exercise together. I thoroughly enjoy the classes at the Cardiac Exercise Club. The best aspect for me is the motivated and enthusiastic members who are always warm and cheerful, ready to engage in the exercise and bond during the sessions. This helps improve individual’s confidence and mood. I feel a real connection to the club and having supportive relationships adds to the experience.

I facilitate the Thursday evening classes both face-to-face and on-line.

I like to say 'exercise is medicine'

Feel free to come along on a Thursday evening to see what we do. If you want to exercise with us, please bring a referral form completed by an appropriate health care professional.

Charity: 1111416

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