Welcome from our Chair

Who we are and what we are.

We are an exercise and support group run by ex-cardiac patients and established in January 1991, formerly known as the St Georges Cardiac Club.

For anyone who has been through a cardiac 'situation' or experienced breathing difficulties they will most likely have had a chance to go through a Cardiac Rehabilitation course or been supported by a local community respiratory service. They will then have been encouraged to develop a self-care approach and 'go out into the community', to continue exercising either at a leisure centre or the like with a 'phase 4 group' or failing that - at home - and we know how difficult that can be...!

Well - we've been there, done that, designed the T-shirt, etc. We regard ourselves more as a 'phase 4 plus' group (phase 5 even!)We also have our own personal trainers who lead our exercise sessions and who are BACPR (Phase IV) and/or COPD qualified. They are also well aware, through experience and knowledge, and have sympathy and understanding towards - as we put it - people with 'wonky hips, gammy knees, and funny feet.'

Not all leisure centres can cater for specific post-rehab classes at particular times - suitable to everyone - and if you're lucky enough to find a space in one you won't necessarily be able to use all the equipment when you want to, as it is open to other members of the public - so the chance of doing a proper circuit session is somewhat limited. However, we have the solution. With our own room, own equipment and our own personal trainers, we can do our own circuit training, with proper warm up and cool down.

A number of us at the Club, having recovered from our 'situation' have gone back to work and therefore prefer to exercise in the early evenings. While some just prefer to do other things and exercise later in the day.

If you would like to come along for a 'guest session' come and meet us and see if you like the idea. Bring a partner or friend too, if you like. Oh -- and by the way you don't have to have had a heart situation or breathing difficulty to join us. You may want or need to exercise for any one of a number of reasons. You may be diabetic, have a vascular situation or have breathing challenges. You may just want to exercise as a preventative measure. Well - perhaps we could help.

If you would like to join us, the only criterion is that you will have discussed the matter of physical exercise with your GP, Consultant or other appropriate medical professional who agrees that you are basically fit enough and that in their opinion would benefit from joining us for supervised exercise sessions. This should be done either on your GP's, Consultant's or medical adviser's headed paper with a brief note to that effect or by using one of our application forms.

There is no time limit - we just hope you will want to exercise with us on a consistent and regular basis.

Best wishes, stay healthy

Fiona Swinfen-Green (helping to keep those tickers ticking!)

Charity: 1111416

Sport Relief, Merton Homes and Lottery sponsor the Cardiac Club